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Social Media Content Manager

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Job Details

Applications without a portfolio will not be considered. Please provide a link to a photography portfolio, recent professional social media account(s), or provide screenshots of published work that show audience engagement.

Responsible for original and professional content for Pulpo Group restaurants for social media, public newsletters, printed collateral, digital advertising, etc. Expected to manage all brand pages by creating engaging content, responding to guests, engaging with local groups/influencers, creating a social media strategy specific to each location, executing marketing material as requested, and creating social media ads for all TPG locations.


  • This is a remote/in-person hybrid role. This person is expected to coordinate and be on-site for photoshoots, and during specific events for live coverage or meetings as directed by management.

  • Will provide a weekly posting schedule for review each week, for the following week. Expected to have content to post 5 to 7 days a week. Will work collaboratively with each restaurant’s point person, and develop a weekly photograph list based around the needs and events taking place at each location.

  • Develop and maintain an agreed upon process for planning, collaborating and executing posts.

  • Posts should be formatted to Instagram, and separately to Facebook for anything offering a call to action, such as following a link.

  • Solidify a monthly newsletter process for all locations.

  • Must have superior photography skills, and have a firm grasp of social media: tagging accounts, hashtags, types of posts, measuring engagement metrics, best time of day to post, creating target audiences, boosting posts/paid ads, trending topics, viral trends, etc.

  • Contributing content ideas that support and promote the goals, values, and voice of each unique business concept.

  • Monitor social media accounts and activity. Engaging with followers on social media accounts by replying to DMs, comments and requests. Forwarding and looping in stakeholders as needed.

  • Track follower engagement, social media analytics, and maintain a pulse of trends and competitor’s content to make recommendations for opportunities.

  • Design and implement social media strategies that align with TPG and each businesses individual voice and vision.

  • Create, edit and share social media content on a regular basis (photos, videos, company updates).

  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure brand consistency.

  • Ensure all social media accounts are uniform and up to date (logos, profile pictures, bio, business hours). Assist with website updates and ensure uniformity as well.

  • Assist with collecting pictures, organizing and executing photoshoots.

  • Create content schedules and calendars for each location on all social media platforms


  • Self assured and self motivated

  • Strong communication and organizational skills

  • Social media management experience is a must. No training available for this role

  • Flexible and adaptable to changing/urgent needs

  • Reliable and has strong follow-through

  • Able to track multiple projects simultaneously

  • Strong knowledge of Canva & photo editing

  • Independently motivated and works autonomously

  • Self assured


  • 2+ Years of social media content expierience

  • Content portfolio

  • Photo editing skills

  • Deep understanding of Canva

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Degree not required but preferred

Compensation Details

Compensation: $50k - $55k per year depending on experience

Benefits & Perkss

  • Dining discounts

  • Top pay

  • Incredible colleagues

  • PTO

  • Health Insurance

  • Short Term Disability

  • 401k matching

  • Irresistible culture

  • Continuous education

  • Upward mobility

  • Great leadership

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