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Restaurant Managers

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Job Details

The Pulpo Group is seeking managers and general managers! Experienced managers rate starting at $70,000/year.


Leadership & Development

Consistently demonstrates self-awareness and self-management in order to be a great leader and teammate. Leads with a positive and productive mindset, influencing and coaching each team toward our service standards, goals and objectives on each shift. Expert and utmost authority on what is expected of the frontline staff and able and willing to hold the line.

Values in Action

Operates with integrity and a high level of professionalism at all times. Manages and inspires the culture of the team by demonstrating our culture, embodying and upholding our values. Exhausts their resources to bring clarity and resolution to any situation presented.

Service & Hospitality

Responsible for setting the tone for each shift. Experience maker, building lasting relationships and bringing guests back. Improve the overall guest experience by having a strong presence on the floor, aware of each table's experience and engaging with our guests and team to ensure excellent service.


Ensuring all functions of the restaurant are operating in flow and supporting each department throughout each shift; knowing where to be and when to be there. Prioritizes the importance of following good processes consistently in order to run an efficient operation. They are a problem solver who identifies, communicates and solves problems that arise that affect service in any way.

Staff Relations

Be an approachable leader that operates with professional boundaries and an ability to communicate and uphold expectations with clarity. Responsible for the overall performance of the frontline team by supporting, coaching and holding each member accountable for their role. Educator of the staff on all aspects of the restaurant: menu specifications, products/vendor sourcing, processes, specials, facilities, etc.

Safety & Sanitation

Maintain a safe work environment for the entire staff. Enforce sanitary practices for food handling, cleanliness, and maintenance of the restaurant. Inform the appropriate parties of any repair and maintenance needed. Unwilling to compromise on standards of safety, hospitality, & service. Ensuring our facilities are pristine, safe, and hospitable for guests and staff at all times.

Cost Management

Makes decisions based on budgets and Profit & Loss statements. Understands the impact that decisions have on the bottom line. Upholds and oversees clock-in efficiency and accuracy. Ensures productivity of our greatest resource (our people). Responsible for watching waste and taking action to correct it.

Sales & Business Growth

Contributes and implements ideas for ways to add value, increase sales and productivity, and how to save money for the business. Look for opportunities to increase guest check average and maximize our seating.


Proficiently manage POS transactions, end of day reporting, cash handling procedures, and all other essential business functions. Takes responsibility and follows-through with urgency to ensure issues are resolved that occur on shift, communicating with the Accounting Team and other stakeholders as needed.

Professional Expectations

  • Possess self management skills

  • Willing to make mistakes and take courage

  • Emotionally intelligent and prioritizes well-being

  • Models, teaches, and coaches on a high level of hospitality toward self and others

  • Takes responsibility for their contribution in the team trust and integrity

  • Refuses to compromise on our standards

  • Is solution-oriented with a growth mindset

  • Persistent in the pursuit of excellence


  • Managers: 2+ years in a restaurant managerial role

  • General Manager: 2+ years in a general manager role & 5+ years on managerial experiece

Compensation Details

Experienced managers starting at $70,000/year

Expereince General Managers starting at $85,000/year

Benefits & Perks:

Dining discounts

Top pay

Incredible colleagues


Medical, dental, vision, life, short-term disability

Irresistible culture

Continuous education

Upward mobility

Great leadership

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