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General Manager

216 South State Street, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Job Details

The role of the General Manager is to lead in alignment with the vision for the restaurant. The General Manager upholds our values of hospitality, intention, respect and evolution. The General Manager is responsible for the overall well being, performance and growth of the business as well as outcomes in all departments including service, front door and bar, and the kitchen in partnership with the culinary team.



Consistently demonstrates what it looks like to make values-based decisions and positively contribute to our three stakeholders: the guest, the team, and the business. Guides the team to solutions and clarity. Responsible for ensuring that all members of the team are in alignment with the vision & culture of the organization. Ensures all team members are continually invested in and held accountable to high standards of service. Contributes to the harmony of all departments and a culture of collaboration, communication, and respect amongst the entire team.

Service & Hospitality

The GM sets the tone for our stakeholders' experience. They create a hospitable, clean, and engaged environment through their energy and awareness of vibe, lights, music, ambiance, etc. The GM is an expert on the steps of service and unconditionally commits to driving service each and every shift. Responsible for evaluating the utility of the dining room by maximizing floor plans, seating arrangements, and guest count, and ensuring preparedness for every shift.


Evaluates functionality, efficiency, and productivity of all aspects of the operation and business. Has a bias towards action and solving problems with urgency and great follow through. Prioritizes the importance of documenting and establishing standard operating procedures for the team and business. Has a pulse on the needs and flow of each department in the restaurant. Works in partnership with department leads to ensure expectations are adhered to and business outcomes are met.

Team Development

Oversee the new hire process – interviewing, hiring, and training candidates who are a good fit for the restaurant. Complete all required HR responsibilities for onboarding & ongoing documentation for performance and changes. Builds and maintains authentically strong relationships through clearly communicated expectations and following through on meeting the needs of the team. Willing to hold others accountable in order to drive overall team performance, despite convenience or comfortability.

Safety & Care

Makes the health and safety of our guests a top priority.  Establish, follow and enforce sanitation standards and procedures; complying with federal/state/local laws and health department regulations and maintaining security systems. Oversees all equipment, furniture and resources, and that physical space is treated with care and pride. Manages the maintenance calendar and upkeep. Ensure SOPs, checklists, cleaning checklists, and flight plans are being used every given shift and involved as needed.


Drives team to exceed sales goals and manage budgets. Oversee all EOD reporting and confirm cash management procedures are completed accurately. Oversees that all inventories are done accurately and on time. Complete financial, personnel, and payroll related administrative duties accurately, on time and in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Professional Expectations:

  • Unwilling to compromise on our values.

  • Continuously invests in their leadership development.

  • Creates clarity, assurance, and alignment for the team.

  • Able to lead at a high level and keep relationships professional at all times.

  • Cares for and prioritizes the well-being of self and others.

  • Able to see the bigger picture and make decisions in alignment with organizational and business goals.

  • Pursues growth and opportunity to build the business and sales.

  • Highly resourceful and asks for what they need.

  • Strong communicator and follows through.

  • Maintains the pulse and productive energy of the culture of the restaurant.


3+ years of Restaurant Management experience

Inspired and passionate hospitalitarian

Team mindset

Compensation Details

Depends on Experience | $80k - 100k

Benefits & Perks:

2 weeks of paid time off

Health insurance, company contribution 

Dental, vision, and life insurance

401k Match

Top pay

Incredible colleagues

Continuous education

Upward mobility

Dining discounts

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