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Culinary Director

216 South State Street, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Job Details

The Culinary Director’s primary responsibilities include developing menu offerings, standardizing recipes to ensure consistent quality, managing food costs and inventory, and ensuring compliance with all food safety and sanitation standards. The Culinary Director collaborates closely with the management team to deliver on the culinary vision, while balancing the guest’s preferences, the team’s needs, and the business’ financial objectives. This role demands a creative yet analytical approach to menu design, focusing on innovation while maintaining operational efficiency and profitability.



Beyond the kitchen, the Culinary Director plays a key role in staff development, hiring and training kitchen personnel to meet the restaurant’s high standards. Must inspire and motivate the team, foster a culture of excellence, community, and continuous improvement. Must contribute to marketing efforts, participating in promotions and exposure opportunities, building partnerships, and representing the brand at major events. With a blend of culinary expertise, business insight, and leadership qualities, the Culinary Director ensures the culinary department contributes significantly to the restaurant’s success and sustainability.


Collaborate with stakeholders to develop menus and enhance the culinary program. Strategize, implement, and oversee menu modifications as required. Provide extensive menu training to Back of House (BOH) team. Possess in-depth knowledge of all food offerings and furnish staff with dietary, allergen, and sourcing details. Conduct meticulous line inspections before each shift to maintain food quality, consistency, and hygiene standards, while developing other leaders to do the same. Quality control daily by offering guidance and corrections when standards are not met to guarantee that all dishes meet quality benchmarks.


Effective communication is essential for a successful kitchen operation. Encourage open dialogue among key team members to streamline the flow of food orders from the kitchen to the table. By promoting transparency and teamwork, you can enhance the overall dining experience for your guests and create a harmonious work environment for your staff. Encourages a culture of curiosity and improvement within the team, fostering an environment where learning is valued and personal growth is nurtured. Provides opportunities for professional development and offers constructive feedback through regular performance evaluations, you can empower team members to reach their full potential.


Lead the team to achieve or surpass financial objectives. Monitor employees' working hours and modify schedules to align with labor percentage goals. Implement systems to reduce waste and maintain cost efficiency. Collaborate with vendors to negotiate favorable pricing and maintain strong relationships. Stay updated on industry trends and best practices to position the business for long-term success.


Collaborate with the Chef and Front of House teams to uphold the standards set by the business. By ensuring that everyone is aligned with company policies and procedures, you can create a cohesive and efficient working environment. Ensure compliance with safety, sanitation, and cleanliness standards through supervision and training. Monitor labeling, storage, and temperature control practices. Maintain kitchen cleanliness and equipment maintenance. Implement safety and sanitation protocols, documenting staff violations for corrective action.


  • Must have flexible schedule and availability on nights, weekends, holidays, and peak seasons

  • Extremely skilled communicator via email, phone, and in-person

  • Knows how to use their resources to get the job done

  • Highly collaborative and unafraid to ask questions

  • Hungry enough to drive, humble enough to evolve

Compensation Details




Benefits & Perks:

Dining discounts

Top pay

Incredible colleagues

Health insurance

Voluntary dental, vision, & life

Short Term Disability

Irresistible culture

Continuous education

Upward mobility

Great leadership

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