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216 East Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA

Job Details

As a professional bartender at The Pulpo Group, you embody our high standards for excellence, accuracy, and integrity. You are in this position because of your ability to lead and instruct your peers, both by your personal example and in communication with your teammates. You have been entrusted to carry out the responsibilities intrinsic to the role, and this updated job description is to clarify the expectations and each individual’s responsibility to protect and manage the business assets that are within the Bar Team’s control.


  • Responsible for preparing, creating, and delivering consistent and high-quality beverages for all the guests. Create drinks with accuracy and integrity to the restaurant's standards and specs. Our quality is what sets us apart.

  • Anticipate guests dining at the bar and greets guests timely and with our signature hospitality.

  • Expert on the food and beverage menus. Able to impart information about our dishes and beverages and respond to questions about ingredients, preparation methods, and allergens/dietary restrictions.

  • Expert on the Steps of Service and is uncompromising in demonstrating and coaching others to hit on them.

  • Drives sales for the restaurant and guest check average by curating and guiding guest experiences.

  • Consistently perform every aspect of maintaining the bar, including stocking and prepping to ensure the restaurant and team is set up for success for every shift. Operate with efficiency.

  • Demonstrate uplifting, positive and encouraging teamwork daily. Be an expert on the beverage specifications in order to educate other staff members on our offerings.

  • Maintain opening, running, and closing side work throughout each shift and keep the bar clean, organized and well-stocked at all times.

  • Participate in pre-shift and attend bar meetings and all staff meetings.

  • Contribute to teamwork by holding yourself and your teammates accountable to the standards of excellence expected. If you see something, say something.

  • Contributes to a productive work culture by staying focused and finding ways to improve self and others.


  • Ring in drinks as soon as you make them and do so accurately.

  • Never assume someone is getting a free drink for any reason. Ring every product you pour or dump into the point of sales system. Account for all drinks made.

  • Intentionally making a “dump” or “spill” tab and ringing up exactly what was spilled or dumped with a description as to why this happened.

  • Responsible for ensuring staff is ringing in drinks accurately. Asking them to re-ring a drink before it’s made is an acceptable practice when needed.

  • Protect the products behind the bar at all costs - ensuring orders are stored urgently in their proper place and never switching out product without verifying cost.

  • Never order products for personal consumption through the restaurant.

  • Putting liquor, wine, and beer orders into their proper places and breaking down any boxes for recycling. If you have questions about where things go, it is your responsibility to find out!

  • Checking invoices to see if all that was ordered is in the building and properly filing the invoice in the office.

  • Insuring you are checking valid ID’s for patrons who are consuming alcoholic beverages. If they look 30 or younger, you check their ID.

  • Taking proper precaution when encountering intoxicated guests. Evaluating their state when ordering and also cutting them off if they’ve become disruptive. If and when a situation becomes unmanageable, please involve management who can assess the circumstance.

  • Ensuring cash handling is done accordingly and diligently. Taking the time to accurately count cash when giving back to a guest as well as at the end of the night.


2 Years

Compensation Details

Hourly ($5.00) plus tips

Benefits & Perks:

Dining discounts

Top pay

Incredible colleagues

Opportunity for PTO after a year of full time employment

Opportunity for health insurance after a year of full time employment

Irresistible culture

Continuous education

Upward mobility

Great leadership

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