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5400 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Job Details

Responsible for creating a vibrant, efficient and well managed bar in alignment with the vision of the restaurant. Delivers revenues and profits within the bar by creating a welcoming and dynamic experience for all stakeholders. Ensures the bar exceeds expectations for organization, efficiency, cleanliness and quality. Effectively manages beer, wine and liquor costs, mixes and perishables within company standards. Hires, trains and continuously develops staff.


Leadership & Culture

Sets the tone and energy of the bar. Manages all moving parts of the bar with grace and ease. Take shifts and work with all members behind the bar in order to assess strengths and areas for improvement. Learn and implement strategies to motivate the team. Uses the company values to make decisions within the department. Creates a culture of continuous learning behind the bar. Improve or streamline processes. Assist in pre-shift to educate staff on new cocktails, wine or beer.

Team Development

Understands the importance of continuous growth. Creating new ways to train and educate all front of house employees. Expects creativity from the bar team to create seasonal menus. Recruits great talent for the bar who embody enthusiasm and TPG values. Regularly review performance with staff. Set clear expectations. Document staff performance that doesn’t meet standards.


Promotes good vendor relationships and meets with them weekly. Regulate produce orders and rotations, order Airgas and monitor CO2 stock. Ensure closing procedures are handled properly, and efficiently. Take ownership for each aspect of operation. Explore opportunities to add value to the location. Uphold policies and SOPs. Implement productivity, quality, and hospitality standards.

Bar Atmosphere

Exude hospitality to the team and each guest. Monitor and evaluate food, beverage, and service constantly. Build relationships and create repeat guests. Keep current on local competitors, industry trends and opportunities. Bring ideas to the team on ways to keep our bar vibrant  guests interested.


Innovative on how to control costs while maintaining high standards of quality and service. Make recommendations for pay increases, promotions or other incentives when appropriate. Understands financial reports and the variables under your control. Uses data to make corrective actions to bar operations to achieve sales goals and optimize labor efficiency. Ensure we are making informed choices and managing bar inventory . Assist in developing preferred supplier lists – review and take corrective action if necessary.

Safety & Sanitation

Maintain safe, secure, and healthy facilities by establishing and enforcing sanitation standards, health department regulations and procedures and maintaining security systems.

Additional Expectations:

  • Sense of Urgency and Awareness

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Consistency

  • Positive Attitude

  • Professionalism

  • Communicative

  • Ethical - A need to ‘do the right thing’

  • Proactive vs. reactive


  • 2+ years bar managing experience

  • 5+ year bartending experience

  • Hands-on experience in POS duties

  • Consistent in performance and reliability

  • Able to work in sync with the flow of the restaurant

Compensation Details

Hourly | Separate rates for bartending & administrative duties

Benefits & Perks:

Dining discounts

Top pay

Incredible colleagues

PTO with full time employment

Health insurance with full time employment

Voluntary dental, vision, & life

Irresistible culture

Continuous education

Upward mobility

Great leadership

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